This Deer scene depicts a buck scouting the area for any intruders too make safe passage for his family 

A Deer amount us

Since 1959 Rick Delcambre has been wowing the world with original artwork.  Please view the Gallery, Services, and Biography pages for more information.  To request pricing information on artwork from the gallery; Please contact us at

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By Rick Delcambre


Started: 2/23/2018

Finished: 3/5/2018

Follow along with Rick on his journey in creating a new work of art for the public to enjoy. Follow Rick step by step and unveil the process that it takes to create an image that comes to life at the end of that journey.

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​​​​​​Rick was commissioned to paint this poster for the Acadiana Hunting and Great Outdoor Show held annua​lly at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette Louisiana.  This painting represented the 2004 exhibition. A little hunter with his buddy waiting for the chance to go hunting with dad.

​Good artwork brings continuity, conversation, and beauty to a home or work space, weather it’s a 3000-square-foot home or a small workshop or garage. A one of a kind painting or drawing can enhance its inter beauty.


​​This black and white drawing won the best of show ribbon for it's outstanding detail work in pencil at the 2010 Sugar Cane Festival held in New Iberia Louisiana.  Our former esteem Governor Kathleen Blanco was there as well.  She was one of the judges at the fair.​

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